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The complex of services for organizing events includes:

• Development of the content of the event on the basis of expert opinion

• Engage your audience

• Development of the creative concept of the event

• Site selection, logistics

• Decoration, production of branded products

• PR-campaign of the event

• Administration and conduct of events

• Technical equipment of the event

• Selection and training of personnel for the event

• Preparation of photo and video reports

• Development of an individual creative concept

• Presentation of a new product or business, taking into account the features of the target audience and the customer’s goals

• Creating an effective event for the formation of a positive image of the brand.

Presentations of new products

and directions

Event Consulting

You are planning to organize own event, but you don’t know how?

We have a unique expertise in the market for organizing events and we will teach you all ins and outs of the event management.

Let’s create a unique event together!

What will you gain from cooperating with us?

  • Economy: we provide assistance at all stages of the organization of the event and save your time and money. Our corporate discounts will save 20-40% of your budget.
  • Risk management: there are over 1000 little things, the error in which can lead to the failure of your event. We know them all and help you avoid mistakes.
  • Recommendations: we provide information on the best speakers and moderators.
  • Knowledge: we teach the team and share our professional secrets.

Our experience – the organization of about 100 business events for the leaders of business and government.

Private club for meeting intellectuals and influential businessmen with scholars, economists, writers, politicians, public figures and other opinion leaders.

Nobles Fortune Club

Micro Format

Experts Luncheon 

Morning business communication in a confidential atmosphere, allowing the most effective presentation of the product. Concentration on one issue, no casual participants.

Number of participants – 15-30 people

Duration – 3 hours

One topic

Preparation period – 4 weeks

Variants – Press Luncheon, GR Luncheon

Mini Conference

The event is for half a day. Presentation of 2-4 topics through implemented cases and bringing to the attention of experts from related industries.

Number of participants – 45-100 people

Duration – 5 hours

2-3 topics

Preparation period – 5-7 weeks

Seven Tables 

For those who value their time. A unique rich format, when in a short period of time it is necessary to share large volumes of information

Number of participants – 25-100 people

Duration – 1,5-2 hours

5-10 topics

Preparation period – 5-7 weeks

Road show 

Expansion of customer geography. 2-8 cities in Ukraine and abroad.

Number of participants – 45-100 people

Duration – 5 hours

2-3 topics

Preparation period – 5-7 weeks

Round table

Discussion of acute issues in the circle of experts. Invitation of the press and representatives of state bodies.

Number of participants – 45-100 people

Duration – 5 hours

2-3 topics

Preparation period – 5-7 weeks

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