Private club for meeting of intellectual leaders and influential businessmen with scientists, economists, writers, political and public figures and other opinion leaders.

Every year, within the framework of the festival in Lviv, also meeting of Nobles Fortune Club members takes place.Scientists, economists, writers, political and public figures, other intellectual leaders and influential businessmen discuss acute issues, ideas and development projects for Ukraine.
International jazz festival, which annually takes place in open-air format in June in Lviv (Ukraine) since 2011. Concerts involving more than one hundred musicians on three stages in the city, more than 40,000 spectators, 100 accredited journalists constitute history of “Alfa Jazz Fest” of previous years. Besides concerts by jazz musicians from around the world, during the festival jam sessions, master classes and autograph sessions of world jazz stars are held.rn
Participants: оwners and CEOs of the largest Ukrainian and foreign companies, influential political figures, ambassadors of foreign countries, top officials of international financial organizations and leading business associations, reputed public and cultural figures, acknowledged opinion leaders

What will be discussed

- Consolidation of society/leaders/enthusiasts around challenging, large-scale ideas and ideas, hardly probable at first glance
- Significance of a single small initiative. “Lever” effect – a relatively small impact with correct application gives a considerable result
- What can be considered as a “result” – shall it necessarily be something material or a subtle, but still a powerful shift in way of thinking of society, leading to unlocking a new potential?
- “Hot mixture” of technological, economic and social progress – when new technologies meet new economic models and new ways of cooperation and information exchange.
- In which areas are main innovations born, in the opinion of world leaders?
- How should we think and act in order to find and occupy our own niche?
- Organizations of future – what organizational models we need to accelerate progress.
- How to invent ourselves, our companies, organizations, communities, country