Traditionaly the transformational processes within the triad Personality/Society – Business – State make the basis of the annual Forum “Conductors of Changes”
Ukraine faces many complex and difficult challenges. Not only must we determine who we are as a nation and attain these challenges in a short time, but also become competitive on the world stage. For this purpose, many habits and approaches, inherited from our past, must be examined.

Ukraine needs innovation and total modernization of everything that surrounds us: public administration, business models, production technologies, management culture, etc. Otherwise, the development gap when compared to the rest of the world will soon become catastrophic. All market participants – be it a state, business or any of us – should work much more cost-effectively, in comparison with the lead countries.
Indeed, before we fly to conquer Mars, we must make ourselves effective. And this means that we have to face the systemic task of a cultural shift. Therefore, in 2018, for the "Conductors of Changes" 5th Forum, as the cross-cutting theme, we have chosen the capacious word – "Result".
This task requires not only thinking about how we can remove the current gap with the help of modern technologies but also about how to change the passive and procedural worldview of Ukrainians, their attitude towards work, and personal effectiveness. How do we direct our attention to creating value for customers? How do we develop innovative thinking, involvement, and a focus on results?

On 13 November, in Kyiv, we will disclose successful examples of the transformation of Ukrainian and international companies, which have advanced most in the implementation of the result-oriented culture.

We will talk about how to achieve cultural change in a complex market. How to overcome crises and obstacles, while simultaneously restructuring a company on its way to achieving its goal? What management technologies and tools to use? How to inspire and lead people and where to find the motivation for achieving extraordinary goals?
We will talk about this and many other things at the "Conductors of Changes" 5th Forum.
Date and time: 13 November, 2018, 8:00 - 18:00
If you wish to place an advertising stand or demo of your product in the area of the Forum, please contact Anastasiia Beheza.
38 044 221 53 17,
For more news and information about the Forum please go to social media and use hashtag #Диригенти2018


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Registration. Welcome coffee. Networking
Before the busy day for you - tasty coffe and live music
Ballroom Dallas
Aivaras Abromavicius, Chairman of UCGA
Andriy Kobolyev, Chief Executive Officer, Ukrainian state energy company Naftogaz
Ballroom Dallas
Moderator: Andriy Bulakh, Managing Partner, Deloitte Ukraine

Yuriy Kosiuk, Chairman of the Board, MHP
Lenna Koszarny, Founding Partner and CEO, Horizon Capital
Andriy Pyshnyy, Chairman of the Management Board, Oschadbank

Many development strategies and programs, reforms and changes blueprints have been developed over the past 5 years. They touched on almost all spheres of life. We will focus on those which influenced economic growth, the increase in competitiveness of Ukrainian business in the world arena, GDP growth, GDP per capita increase and, accordingly, the welfare improvement of the population of Ukraine. We will not dwell on plans and strategies; instead, we will dwell on facts and results honestly and openly, calling a spade a spade, giving achievements their real names, not calling them incidents, admitting mistakes, and not trying to hide behind circumstances.
We will talk with state agents about the spheres in which, owing to the efforts of the state, more favorable conditions were created for doing business, and whether it was possible to bring business out of the shadows and to involve businessmen in transformational processes at the state level.
We will talk with business representatives about attracting investments, entering new markets, creating new jobs and the level of competitiveness of the Ukrainian product on the world stage. We will also touch upon the role of business in the processes of state transformation and discuss how successful business has been in this role in recent years.
Throughout the discussion, we will focus on findings and performance issues. We were slow in getting into gear but it’s time to slam on the gas now!
Coffe break. Networking
Ballroom Dallas
Moderator: Nataliya Popovych, President, One Philosophy Group of Companies

Zhenya Kuleba, The Head and Co-Founder, Garden-City
Natalia Klymovska, Vice Rector for Development and Communications, Ukrainian Catholic University
Yuriy Fylyuk, General Director and Initiator of the Promprylad.Renovation project, founder of the Teple Misto platform
Olesya Drashkaba, Creative Director, Ukrainian Crisis Media Center
Dmytro Bondarenko, General Director and Member of the Supervisory Board of the Group of Companies "LIGA", CEO Ligamedia

Trust is a new cash for global success. But it is just what big business in Ukraine lacks currently. A survey (KIIS, December 2017) confirms that nowadays, big business in Ukraine has a bit less trust than the government, courts and Russian media – from 51 to 71 percent negative. Ukrainians trust small and medium businesses much more – more than forty percent positive. Almost the same is with non-governmental organizations. More trust is given only to volunteers, churches and the army. What can church, non-governmental organizations and entrepreneurs teach conductors of changes representing different sized businesses who want to be successful? What examples of non-governmental organizations, non-governmental institutions and entrepreneurial initiatives of recent years showed a unique combination of motivation integrity, strategy, trust increase, and specific, comparably sized, if not greater, business success? Who is responsible for the success of entities that have become engines of movements larger than their own missions, and what are their success recipes for Ukrainian business and society? The most successful private university in Ukraine, non-governmental initiative for saving children's lives, anti-populism outreach project, and business that united another business and investors-activists around itself to create an unprecedented joint stock company for the public benefit – we will get acquainted with leaders and beneficiaries of these organizations in the hope that their example will inspire hundreds of others to genuinely solve social problems and succeed at the same time.
San Francisco Meeting Room
Leading: Illia Polshakov, Chief Transformation Officer, Kyivstar

Even the most effective and time-tested companies have to change, become better, adapt to the market realities.
Lean is a culture of continuous improvement in the company. It's continuously working to eliminate wastes and improve efficiency. It's every employee's personal attitude to how efficiently they perform their functions and their workplace processes bring added value to customers. Lean management is a system to improve efficiency in any organisation regardless of its size or scope of activity.
The first company in the world that managed to merge all the Lean elements and build the culture of constant self-improvement is Toyota, which started with looms and grew to become the largest car maker.
At our workshop, we are going to discuss how to become Toyota without manufacturing cars! It will be useful to anyone who is eager to reach the highest business results by eliminating inefficiencies in the company. Lean allows to reduce operating costs by an average of 25%, increase productivity by no less than 30%, enhance customer and employee satisfaction! Many leading companies prove it by their success, including Toyota, Porsche, Honeywell, Philips, Miele, Ikea etc. These are companies that are united not only by success but by Lean thinking. Kyivstar launched Lean transformation in August 2016. Today, more than 130 Lean navigators have already implemented 300 improvements. It's one of the advantages for the company that helps in retaining its leadership in the market.
Lunch. Networking
Ballroom Dallas
Moderators: Mykola Stetsenko, Co-managing Partner, AVELLUM and Glib Bondar, Senior Partner, AVELLUM

Volodymyr Omelyan, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine
Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO of Ukrenergo
Igor Smilyansky, Director General, Ukrposhta

This panel will focus on long-term changes within the Ukrainian infrastructure. We will try to look beyond the obvious horizon and explore fantastic, yet practical, ideas concerning a hyperloop and mass use of electric cars. We may even venture into discussing the use of flying personal vehicles.
When deliberating these options, we will try to determine the major risk factors that could hinder their implementation, as well as the vital steps necessary for their success.
San Francisco Meeting Room
Leading: Gleb Hodorovskiy, Mindfulness instructor, corporate mentor in Mindfulness at Deloitte, Evo Group, MacPaw

The experience of introducing Mindfulness will be shared by special guests:
Andriy Bulakh, Managing Partner, Deloitte
Viktor Kyrychenko, Culture and organizational transformation leader, EVO

What is Mindfulness? It’s a way to explain benefits of meditation with scientific research without any esoterics.
More than 170 thousands studies on Mindfulness were published for the last 20 years. Stress, burnout reduction and increase in concentration on job tasks are among key effects. So there are effects on productivity that is possible to measure.
That’s why Mindfulness became a trend in Silicon Valley. Google, Facebook, Twitter, AirBnB, SalesForce offer corporate meditation programs and that became a common process
We’ll learn how it works in detail not only in US but in case studies from Ukraine (Deloitte, Evo Group)
Ballroom Dallas
Moderator: Grigory Pavlotsky, Vice President Operations, RealtimeBoard; ex-partner of Deloitte

Tal Chen, Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications Corporate Finance Advisory, Deloitte Israel
Mykhailo Shelemba, CEO, Datagroup
Maxim Bakhmatov, Managing partner at the first Ukrainian innovation park, UNIT.City
Ksenia Prozhogina, HR & communications Director of MHP agro & industrial holding, MHP

Nowadays discussions about innovations in a context of corporations are often perceived as a fashion or a marketing tool, while many examples demonstrate a key role of innovative solutions in improving competitiveness of companies. An effect of innovation is difficult to replicate as an understanding of innovation is often considered in corporations to be of magical nature, i.e. creativity and creation of new products, whereas discipline, methodology and systemic approach are the key.
A purpose for a discussion of innovation agenda at Conductors of Changes platform is to talk over in details based on examples of successful implementation of innovations in corporations:
• types of innovations companies are focused on (product, business model, interaction with customers, sales channels, etc.);
• what and who are drivers of a change in companies (people, processes, technologies, culture);
• barriers (mismatch of expectations, rejection of risks, lack of different opinions), how to deal with such barriers and to lead companies to effective changes, and improve their competitiveness;
• desired effect VS reality. Lessons learned and conclusions.
San Francisco Meeting Room
Mykola Takzey, Director Global Innovation Center, Philip Morris International
Pavlo Ryzhii, Innovations Manager, Philip Morris Ukraine Caucuses and Moldova

Special guest:
Vytautas Buciunas, Executive Coach, Facilitator of organizational transformations Co-founder, U-Integral

80% of products and services put out on the market go down the drain. Billions of dollars of R&D budgets and marketing investments are wasted. 8 out of 10 employees do not feel responsible for what is happening in a company. Outdated work practices, a slow decision-making process and response to external changes do not only demotivate employees, but also slow down business development.

Only 11% of top managers confirm they are aware of their company change roadmap. At the same time, 9 out of 10 CEOs emphasize how important it is to introduce design thinking to their organizations. In-depth understanding of customers and their needs, development of innovations, cost reduction by optimizing inefficient internal processes, creation of cooperative culture and daily working practices are due to design thinking implementation.

At the forum, participants will learn the methodology successfully applied by hundreds of companies, from IBM to start-ups, non-profit organizations and the public sector, for example, the UK government.

IMPORTANT: Crash Course requires active participation. All participants will perform design thinking using the Crash Course in Design Thinking methodology from Stanford
Coffee break. Networking
Ballroom Dallas
Moderator: Roman Bondar, Managing Partner, Odgers Berndtson Ukraine

Vladislav Biloshapka, Co-director, Global Business Model Study
Andriy Zdesenko, Founder and President, Biosphere Corporation
Oleg Prokhorenko, CEO and Chairman of the Board, UkrGasVydobuvannya (UGV)
Volodymyr Popereshnyuk, Co-founder, Nova Poshta
Igor Chervak, CEO, Lantmannen Axa

The word “efficiency” is the next mantra for Ukraine. In particular, if we are going to overcome the abyss of lagging behind world economy paces and of our competitiveness failure. Efficiency should penetrate all spheres of life and, in particular, business. However, it is not an easy task to re-establish a company into a result-oriented path. Most attempts fail because of sabotage and internal resistance. To summarize successful experience during the panel “Result-oriented leadership”, we will discuss with owners and Directors General of Ukrainian companies how they managed to build a culture of results. What concepts and tools did they use? What obstacles and problems did they face?
Cocktail. Networking. Live music


    Deloitte Ukraine
    Horizon Capital
    Nova Poshta
    Odgers Berndtson Ukraine
    Ukrainian state energy company Naftogaz
    The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine
    One Philosophy Group of Companies
    Biosphere Corporation
    Lantmannen Axa
    UkrGasVydobuvannya (UGV)
    Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU)
    Global Business Model Study
    Group of Companies "LIGA"
    Ukraine crisis media center
    Philip Morris International
    Philip Morris Ukraine, Caucuses and Moldova


  • Сo-organizer


    Deloitte is a brand uniting more than 200 thousand professionals in independent firms operating in 150 countries of the world. According to the 2013 results, Deloitte has been recognized as the world's largest privately held company providing professional services. In Ukraine, Deloitte has been operating since 1993. The company’s professionals provide audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services to public and private clients spanning all sectors of the economy. We accumulate experience and expertise gained by Deloitte’s professionals throughout the world and offer our clients unique solutions aimed at increasing the business value.
  • Legal partner


    AVELLUM is a leading Ukrainian full service law firm with a key focus on Finance, Corporate, Dispute Resolution, Tax, and Antitrust.

    Our aim is to be the firm of choice for large businesses and financial institutions in respect of their most important and challenging transactions. We build lasting relationships with our clients and make them feel secure in new uncertain economic and legal realities.

    We incorporate the most advanced Western legal techniques and practices into our work. By adding our first-hand knowledge, broad industry experience, and unparalleled level of service we deliver the best results to our clients in their business endeavours.

    The team of professionals at AVELLUM successfully applies time-efficient and cost-effective approaches and creates integrated solutions for businesses. Our partners are taking an active role in every transaction and ensure smooth teamwork.

    We seamlessly cooperate with leading international law firms in course of multijurisdictional transactions.
  • Partner


    Datagroup is a leading operator in the market of telecommunication services. Today company is a leader in data transmission, international traffic transit and in satellite communications. The company provides access to the Internet, telephony network and television, video conferencing and surveillance, data and satellite communications, as well as cloud solutions from Microsoft and protection from DDoS-attacks. Datagroup has a fiber-optic network throughout Ukraine and is one of the leaders in the geography of provided telecommunication services.
  • Automobile partner

    Winner: 25 years of success in Ukraine

    Winner Group Ukraine, one of the leaders of the nation’s automotive business, having a 25 year experience of work in Ukraine, the official importer of the world’s major luxury brands – Ford, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche and Bentley, offers cars, spare parts and international-standard service in more than 50 dealership centers across the country. Among Winner Group’s automotive businesses are Winner Imports Ukraine, Winner Automotive, Porsche Center Kyiv Airport and Winner Leasing.
    Winner Group has seen considerable success. As one of the largest taxpayers in its segment, it has returned over 1 billion Euros to the state budget from selling 125,000 cars.
    Apart from its automotive business, Winner also works in construction and maintains commercial and residential real estate. Its companies in this sector include Winner Construction, Winner Facility Management, Winner Property Management and Bellagio Beauty Salon.
    Winner Group Ukraine and its dealer network employ more than 600 people.
    Winner Group’s major stages of development in Ukraine:
    • 1991 – Ivan Hynansky accepts an offer by Ford Motors to move to Ukraine and represent the Ford brand in the young, newly independent state. Ukrainian by origin, Mr. Hynansky was raised in the USA and owned several automotive dealership centers there.
    • 1992 – Headed by Mr. Hynansky, Winner becomes an official dealer for Ford Motors in Kyiv and several other Ukrainian cities. Two years later, the company becomes an official importer of Ford in Ukraine and opens the largest service station for Ford cars in the country.
    • 1997 – Winner establishes Winner Construction business, and builds the first showroom to sell Ford cars in Ukraine.
    • 2000 – Thanks to its hard work and high standards, Winner Imports Ukraine is chosen to become an official importer of Volvo cars in Ukraine.
    • 2004 to 2005 – Winner’s repute grows rapidly. It fights for, and wins, the right to represent the interests of three premium car brands—Jaguar, Land Rover and Porsche – in the Ukrainian market.
    • 2006 – In the capital of Ukraine, Winner opens one of the largest showrooms in Eastern Europe: a multi-brand conceptual car center called ‘Winner Automotive’, with an area of 8,400 square meters.
    • 2009 – Outside of Kyiv, Winner opens a new distribution center. The center prepares 8,000 cars for sale every year, and is unmatched in Ukraine in terms of the sophistication of its equipment. Meanwhile, Winner Group moves its headquarters outside of Kyiv.
    • 2014 – Winner’s conceptual dealership center ‘Porsche Center Kyiv Airport’, with an area of 7300 square meters, opens its doors. The center provides a full range of services: selling Porsche cars, original spare parts and accessories, and offering maintenance service and repair.
    • 2016 – On August 24, the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, Winner signs an exclusive agreement with Bentley, and becomes its official representative for the territory of Ukraine.

    Winner Group Ukraine is optimistic about the future. In the upcoming years, its plans include opening new Jaguar, Land Rover and Bentley dealership centers, expanding its presence all across Ukraine and increasing its share in the domestic automotive market.

    Ivan Hynansky, CEO and owner of Winner Group Ukraine: “On the path of the formation of the company, we have experienced difficult times more than once, but our journey continues. Ukraine's integration into Europe has opened new horizons and has given Ukrainians hope to improve the standard of living for themselves, their children and grandchildren. Today, I see many opportunities and I am sure that my country of origin has a bright future both for business and for people.”

    Petro Rondiak, Head of the Management Board of Winner Group Ukraine: “In the near future, we intend to increase our presence on the Ukrainian market. I believe in the Ukrainian hard-working people who have chosen the European vector of development and will eventually have a larger market than today’s. We have no doubt that this growth will actually take place

    Vitaliy Kopych, Deputy Head of the Management Board of Winner Group Ukraine: “We have clearly seen our own development in Ukraine. This is a very dynamic country, and we are optimistic about the positive changes that are taking place in the Ukrainian economy now.”

    Winner Group Ukraine has for 25 years been an example of a fair, transparent and socially responsible business in Ukraine. The key to its success is the five core values shared by each of the company’s employees:

    1. Integrity. Since 1992, Winner has built its business on the principles of honesty and transparency. It promotes mutual respect in its relationships with customers, partners and its own employees.
    2. Continuous improvement. Winner values a readiness for change, openness to everything new and the ability to innovate in order to increase the efficiency of business. Continuous improvement means moving forward!
    3. Professionalism. Winner employees take their share of responsibility, approach each matter carefully and are able to make millions of complex decisions in just 24 hours. This is “Winner-style” professionalism!
    4. People. The main asset of Winner is people, because any business is done with people and for people.
    5. Winning. This value—translated in Ukrainian to "переможець"—is laid down in the name of the company. The 25 years of Winner's work in Ukraine were not easy. Thanks to its constant striving for victory, they were successful.

    To celebrate its Silver Jubilee, more than 600 current and former employees of Winner Group Ukraine were invited to a festive gala dinner. Winner’s further celebrations will last for a year, and will include communication manifestations and initiatives with its business partners.

    The history of Winner is inseparably associated with the history and the formation of independent Ukraine. As it celebrates its first 25 years together with the nation, Winner believes in Ukraine’s bright future. After all, Winner is building its business in Ukraine and for Ukrainians!
  • Partner

    Nova Poshta

  • Partner

    Lantmännen AXA

    The company Lantmännen AXA is a part of the Scandinavian food concern Lantmännen. We take the most useful from the earth and create conditions for a healthy life. We believe that everything we do is connected and know how to turn a small grain into something amazing!

    We produce the most delicious and highest quality breakfast cereal for adults and children at our production in Boryspil. Thanks to the use of unique production technology and continuous improvement of the range, we became the leading manufacturer of breakfast cereal in Ukraine.

    Since 2014, Lantmannen AXA has been a leader in the breakfast cereal market. Our dedicated consumers in Ukraine and worldwide value our products for their high quality and taste.

    Over the past ten years, our production has almost doubled and now stands at 8,000 tons per year.

    The safety and quality of our products are confirmed by the international certification, the FSSC 22000. Our products have repeatedly participated in the contest “Ukrainian People's Award”. In 2017, they were recognized as the best in two categories. TM AXA won in the category of porridge and muesli. And Start! is the winner in the flakes category. Last year we received the Certificate of the “Good Sign”. Independent verification of our product has received excellent results in all parameters.

    We encourage initiatives and innovations that contribute to the development of our business.

    Since 2016, we have been recognized as one of the best employers in Ukraine. High social standards of the company are confirmed by international inspections and the SMETA certificate.

    We always work as a team to achieve high results.
  • Partner

    Odgers Berndtson

    Odgers Berndtson is one of the world leaders in search of top executives and leadership development, member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants. The company is headquartered in London; it has been operating for 50 years and brings together more than 220 partners with expertise in the various sectors of the economy. Today the company has 56 offices in 28 countries around the world.
  • LED partner


    Flylights is a leading Ukrainian company specializing on development, designing and manufacturing of LED products such as LED screens, LED signs etc. With exceptional quality, reasonable price and perfect after-sale service, Flylights has obtained recognition and high reputation from its customers.
  • Diamond partner


    DIAMOND of LOVE is the first Ukrainian brand in wedding and evening jewelry fashion, presents exquisite collections of jewelries and accessories for weddings, luxurious evening sets and colorful everyday accessories, exclusive engagement rings and unique, custom-made jewelries.
    Each product is an impeccable realisation of artist's original idea in precious metal and high-class precious stones with every detail that is well-thought-out. Engagement rings are a business card of the brand. The company continues experimenting with design and each season presents new original models. Own production, modern technologies, painstaking work of our professional team of designers and jewelers, allow us to achieve ambitious goals in creation of real masterpieces and realisation of clients' jewelry fantasies. DIAMOND of LOVE is jewelry masterpieces in which everyone can find reflection of their own love story and their dreams. If desired, each couple can participate in creating personalised design for their order.
    Metals selection and combination of their various colors, precious inserts, jewelry enamel and personalised engraving will give you an amazing feeling of co-creation.

    Each company product meets the highest European standards and passes several stages of quality control. Its authenticity is confirmed by DL brand, a company brand engraving.
    Since the beginning, DIAMOND of LOVE has earned recognition not only among clients but also among experts and has received public awards:
    1. Reliable Partner award by MARTIS "Golden Fortune" rating
    2. The Best Collection of Wedding Jewelries award. At the 30th International Exhibition in Odessa.
    3. The Best Jewelry award at the 30th International Exhibition in Kiev
    4. Absolute Favorite of Success award, Jewelry Brand category by "Favorites of Success" public rating of consumer goods.
    5. Star Quality award by National rating of quality of goods and services
    6. Brand of the Year award, Flawless Quality category
    According to Swiss Institute of Quality Standards (SIQS), the quality of goods and services, technologies and modern management practices of DIAMOND of LOVE meet the European Quality Award criteria.

    The brand is a regular partner in such ceremonies as Man of the Year, Choice of the Year, "Favorites of Success", Brand of the Year and others. The brand is honored due to its support to many charitable events.
    Starzhinskaya Galina, the Founder and the Head of the company, is awarded for the daily high professional, painstaking work, high national dignity and conscientious service to Ukraine with the Order of the Queen Anna Honor of the Fatherland and a medal for Sacrifice and Love to Ukraine, a certificate and a nominal diploma of the highest public award of Ukraine, by the decision of the Assembly of Business and Scientific Expert Council of Leaders of the 21st Century program.

    The brand simultaneously operates in two directions: retail sales representative offices and internet store:
    Today the brand is represented in Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk:
  • General Media partner


    One of the main products of Ligamedia, as well as of the Group of Companies LIGA, is the news portal! The portal is one of the leaders in reaching the audience of the Ukrainian Internet, and also occupies leading positions in the segment of news and business media.

    As one of the most reliable sources of relevant business information in Ukraine, portal provides business with full informational support. Monthly audience of the portal reaches 5 million unique users, with more than 17 million pageviews a month. is one of the most visited information resources according to gemiusAudience and an absolute leader in the category "Business and Finance" according to the rating Bigmir)net.

    The main principle of is to rpovide extremely reliable and verified information. is the leader when it comes to following journalistic standards among major Ukrainian online media according to the profile of the auditors of the Institute of Mass Media.
  • Media partner

    Leadership Journey

    Leadership Journey - online magazine about management, leadership and tools for effective people management
  • Intellectual partner


    Kyiv-Mohyla Business-School [kmbs] is a school for leaders who want to drive change in themselves, their companies, Ukraine and the world.

    We were founded in 1999 at part of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy which is one of the oldest universities in Europe with a history going back over 400 years.

    We believe that our groundbreaking programs will help our participants deliver breakthrough change in the qualitative development of their companies, and so of course Ukraine and the world as a whole.
  • General HR partner

    website has the country’s largest database of currently open jobs and resumes. We are also a leader in terms of target audience and the number of new resumes and job ads posted daily. Every day we do our best to make most useful, fast and efficient job site for every visitor.
    3.8 million visitors monthly
  • Alcohol partner


    From its seat in the French region of Cognac and throughout its 250-year history, Hennessy has proudly perpetuated an exceptional heritage based on adventure, discovery and cultivating the best that nature and man can offer. Hennessy’s longevity and success across five continents reflect the values the Maison has upheld since its creation: the transmission of a unique savoir-faire, the constant quest for innovation, and an unwavering commitment to Creation, Excellence, Legacy, and Sustainable Development. Today, these qualities are the hallmark of a House – a crown jewel in the LVMH Group – that crafts the most iconic, prestigious Cognacs Maison.
  • TV-partner

    Телеканал Прямий


With support

  • Baltic International Bank

    Baltic International Bank is one of Latvia’s most experienced family-owned banks in the field of providing individual, tailor-made services, offering high-quality financial products and investment solutions based on the principles of the ESG (Environmental. Social. Governance).

    Baltic International Bank is focused on sustainable activity ensuring that its customers and business partners have the possibility to grow their wealth and pass it on to the next generations by investing in projects aimed at environmental integrity and increased energy efficiency that would be topical in future and will make a positive contribution to the development of the community and the world.

    Headquartered in Riga (Latvia), Bank operates its overseas representative offices in London (the UK) and Kyiv (Ukraine).
  • Grand Admiral Resort & SPA

    The five-star country club Grand Admiral Resort & SPA is located 15 km from Kiev in a pine forest in the guarded area of 23 hectares. Tall perennial pine trees, fresh air, a forest lake, unique landscape solutions and a variety of services for the out-of-town rest will fit very taste.

    Grand Admiral Resort & SPA is an all-round place both for family recreation with children and for organizing diverse events, conferences, corporate events, trainings, team-buildings, etc.

    Grand Admiral Resort & SPA offers its guests an out-of-town recreation and communication in a comfortable atmosphere. Here you can relax in the fresh air, enjoy the fine cuisine or pick up any activity and sports to your taste.

    This is the place where even a picky client won`t have a tedious time!
  • The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

    The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine is the most active and effective non-government, non-profit business association operating in Ukraine.
    There are 3 main things the Chamber does as a business association:
    - B2G: Driving the dialogue between business and government
    - B2B: Continuously creating opportunities for business to business partnerships
    - B2U: Promoting Ukraine internationally as an attractive investment destination
    600 Member organizations of the Chamber represent many of the largest International and Ukrainian companies, who are Ukraine’s biggest taxpayers and employ over 800,000 people nationwide, contributing greatly to the state budget and creating opportunities for people in Ukraine to realize their potential.
    13 Committees and 20 Working Groups are working at the Chamber. Every day the Chamber Committees are working on development proposals for improvement of Ukrainian legislation to improve the business environment and resolve any negative issues impacting the business community in Ukraine and to enable private enterprises to flourish.


    BUSINESS is the leading business weekly in Ukraine. Key topics are devoted to entrepreneurship, relationships and power, the best investment projects and their solutions, business innovations, sectoral trends and analysis of market trends.

    December 9, 2016 The editorial team presented a fully updated number. Changes have affected not only the visual range, but also the content of the publication. Added new headings, an expanded edition of publications and other issues with an emphasis on individual sectors of the economy. The new slogan of the publication is "The point of view of business. We have something to say. "
  • Rating. Messenger

  • European Business Association (EBA)

    European Business Association (EBA) - the premier organisation for foreign business in Ukraine - brings together over 850 European, Ukrainian and international companies. The EBA was established in 1999 as a forum for discussion and resolution of problems facing the private sector in Ukraine.

    This initiative of business people was supported by the European Commission. Being a non-profit Association of legal entities, the EBA sees its core mission as representing the interests of European and domestic investors in Ukraine, and improving the investment climate has been the EBA’s major concern since the moment it was founded.
  • Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

    Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs - The first largest united power of Ukrainian entrepreneurs established beyond political interests for the purpose of forming a conductive business environment and popularizing innovations among representatives of small, medium and large enterprises in Ukraine.
    SUP is the first largest Association of Ukrainian entrepreneurs, whose goal is to promote entrepreneurship and create a favorable business climate for its development in Ukraine. The Union represents and protects the interests of the independent Ukrainian entrepreneurs, despite the scale, industry and geography of their activities.
  • The International Institute of Business (IIB)

    The International Institute of Business (IIB) is a modern business school that meets European standards. The IIB has been a leader on the Ukrainian market of business education for over 20 years. It successfully implements master programs of executive development, such as Executive MBA, International MBA, General MBA, and Ukrainian MBA - first Ukrainian programs which were accredited by the independent international Association of MBAs (UK). The IIB portfolio also includes exclusive international professional marketing program CIM (UK) and production management program REFA (Germany).
  • UNIC

    On 19 May 2017, the Business Ombudsman Council with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development presented the Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance (UNIC), a new initiative for businesses that want to work transparently. UNIC aims to unite responsible companies in Ukraine and to promote the idea of doing business ethically by conducting educational events, developing policies and programmes, assessing members’ level of compliance annually. UNIC comprises of 58 Ukrainian and international companies with more than 77 000 employees all over the country and located in 46 cities of Ukraine.
  • Top Kniga

    website is a modern online bookstore with a simple, convenient and easy way to buy books throughout Ukraine. You just need to find the right book, order it and get it in the place convenient for you at the right time.
  • The Ukrainian Exporters Club

    The Ukrainian Exporters Club was created with the sole mission - help Ukrainian companies to find partners in any country of the world and every day develop the international cooperation.
    Our contacts are 80% of your business success.
    The Ukrainian Exporters Club was established in 2013. Since its inception, we have already helped more than 500 clients to build relationships with potential partners in other countries such as the EU, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.
    Exporters Club is:
    - More than 250 partners around the world
    - 2 social projects for exporters
    - More than 45 export directions
    - From 50 requests per month
    - Priority Area – China
    We offer solutions for companies interested in selling their products abroad, and help you to stay at the right coordinate point.
    Our experts offer concrete practical assistance for the direct development of various business areas.
    The flagship product of the company is the scientific and practical workshops, which today give us an opportunity to create for our clients that, about what others will think only tomorrow and to expand their own business contacts. Only in our company - exclusive copyright programs. For you we combine unconnected and unite impossible.
    By combining the best experts who make every effort to create the best solutions in the field of contractor management and studying the peculiarities of doing business in different countries of the world, we create a quality product oriented towards the consumer.
    Our activities:
    - Open scientific and practical seminars
    - Corporate programs
    - Help finding partners in other countries
    - Individual consultations of practitioners
    - Group business trips to other countries
    - Individual business trips to other countries
    - Selection of a group of experts for the support of foreign trade agreements
    - "Partner Search" special program
  • Ukrainian Real Еstate Club

    Ukrainian Real Еstate Club - профессиональная отраслевая организация рынка недвижимости Украины.
    Миссия - создавать профессиональные коммуникации на рынке недвижимости и этим содействовать расширению возможностей игроков рынка

    Принципы работы:
    Независимость и нейтральность.
    Клуб, как организация не выражает интересы какой-либо отдельной компании или группы лиц. Задача Клуба - создание возможностей для максимальной реализации интересов всех членов и гостей Клуба.
    Профессиональная направленность.
    Мероприятия Клуба направлены на повышение профессиональной культуры рынка и расширение возможностей каждого члена Клуба
    Неформальная атмосфера
    Ключевой задачей оргкомитета Клуба является создание неформальной и комфортной обстановки во время мероприятий, что позволит повысить продуктивность и эффективность общения между членами Клуба и гостями заседаний.
    Мы ответственны за создание бизнес-возможностей, за результат - каждый отвечает сам.
  • InVenture

    InVenture Investment Portal is the biggest investment portal in sphere of Private Equity and Venture Capital in Ukraine.
  • Jansen Capital Management

    The leading consulting company in the field of human capital management (HRM)
    Since 2007, we specialize in the introduction of innovative and technological approaches in management. Our expertise in the field of HR and IT contributes to building an integrated HRM-system in our client companies.

    We help the leading companies operating in the CIS market to find the best solutions in the field of personnel management.

    Our services cover a number of basic functions, such as employee assessment, training and development, personnel performance management, HR process automation, etc.

    Our innovative approaches contribute to the implementation of the business strategy and the continuous growth of the organizational efficiency, as well as the creation of a motivational environment for talent development that gives people confidence and their minds great mood.
  • ІСС-Ukraine

  • ChargeLab

    CHARGELAB - universal charging stations for smartphones. In 2017, for the first time we brought in Ukraine unique equipment, which already solves the problem of providing quality mobile phone charging services for many companies. We are trusted by such companies as: British American Tobacco, SoftServe, Radisson BLU, Boryspil airoport, Innovecs, Fozzy Group, MacPaw and many other companies working throughout Ukraine.
    We set ourselves the goal of making sure that everyone, wherever she is located, whether in the restaurant or in the office, in the sports club, or at rest, anywhere, has always been able to stay in touch with his relatives , friends and business partners. CHARGELAB Charging Stations - this is a professional equipment designed specifically to meet the needs of providing business services. Equipment: universal, has all the necessary wires for all models of smartphones, anti vandal, with an attractive advertising platform. The availability of warranty and post-warranty service makes cooperation with CHARGELAB comfortable and predictable.


Hilton Kyiv, 30 Tarasa Shevchenko Blvd.
Hotel Hilton Kyiv is a five star hotel located in one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities with centuries-old history and art monuments, an ideal place for businessmen and tourists.
The Hilton Kyiv hotel boasts a convenient location within walking distance of many major Kiev attractions such as Shevchenko Boulevard and the Old Botanical Gardens. View famous monuments on Sophia Square, shop along Khreschatyk or take in a performance at the Opera House. Guests enjoy easy access to Boryspil International Airport, just 40 minutes from this hotel in Kiev.

HILTON KYIV provides discounts for parking and accommodation for participants of the 5th Forum, Conductors of changes. You can find out more by phone: +38 044 221 5317


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