About us | Nobles Fortune

Why we are

Nobles Fortune is a consulting company on creation of communications platforms

Our mission: Encouraging the leaders to reinvent themselves, the businesses, and the communities they exist in

Our values include:


2. Care and respect

3. Creativity

4. Sincerity

5. Responsibility

The recommendations of international experts and companies such as: Deloitte, SAP, EBRD, IFC, the Ministry of Ukraine

Our experience – the organization of about 100 business events for the leaders of business and government

Social mission

Nobles Fortunes carries out charitable and volunteering activities that are aimed at aiding children and consist of 5% deduction from profits, which is allocated for the following:

1.Material and social assistance to children at the boarding school of Glinsk village, Romny district, Sumy region.

2.Material assistance to children who undergo medical treatment in Kyiv City Children Clinical Hospital No. 1, Kyiv, 30 Bogatyrskaya St.

We will be happy to meet like-minded people.


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